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Why choose Colmillo?

  • We've done the heavy lifting, so you don't have to. In our 30+ years in the industry, we have manufactured a wide range of products with applications in many different industries.

  • Fast Turnaround times, Efficiency, Quality Manufacturing

  • We lower the barrier to entry by offering low MOQ (Minimum Order Quantities) because we believe that everyone should be able to pursue their dreams without having to "break the bank" by ordering your product by the thousands

  • We grow with you, and as your project begins to grow, so will your need for more product to sell. here at Colmillo, we are prepared to fulfil your Orders in a timely manner, typically between 3-6 weeks from when we have received all necessary materials to complete your product, depending on the complexity

  • Our extensive "Pattern Library", over the years we have accrued hundreds of patterns for products across many different industries. Modifications can be made to any of our patterns to meet your needs.

What is Contract Sewing?

Contract sewing is the crucial foundation for manufacturing a wide range "Soft Goods" products. Our highly skilled sewing contractors will take your idea design and bring it to life. Our strength is the ability to perform any type of sewing needed for your end product, even sewing through multiple layers of thick fabrics.

Colmillo Industrial Sewing, INC. works with the best fabric and material suppliers in the industry and uses a wide range of fabrics including Canvas, Vinyl, Nylon, Cotton, Polyester, Felt, Sewable Plastic, Foam, Webbings, Leather, and Plastic or Metal hardware/buckles.  

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Garden Grove, CA 92843


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