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Man sewing on industrial sewing machine

Private Label Sewing Solutions
for the textile
American Quality from Concept to Creation. 
Colmillo is your pa
rtner in providing custom-tailored private-label goods

For over 30 years, Colmillo Industrial Sewing, Inc. has led the contract sewing industry. Offering Product design, development, and large/small scale production services. We have stood the test of time by providing the highest quality products and services to our clients across a variety of different industries. We specialize in providing custom sewing solutions and tailoring to meet the unique needs of small businesses and start-ups as they get the ball rolling. However, our capabilities extend far beyond, ensuring that large corporations can also benefit from our innovative and high-quality services, making us a dependable partner in every venture

Americans Prefer "Made in USA"

A study by "The Reshoring Institute" featured in Forbes states that 83% of shoppers pay attention to whether a product is made in America or a foreign country. and many are willing to pay up to 20% more for

"Made in USA" products. 


Ethical Production

  In our hands, compassion meets craftsmanship, steering clear of the pitfalls of overseas manufacturing. With hearts aligned, we prioritize ethical practices, ensuring fair wages and safe environments for workers. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond borders, making a global impact while supporting local communities. Join us in choosing products made with integrity and care


Low Minimum Order Quantities

    Stay ahead of the curve with our small batch production. By keeping inventory lean, you can adapt quickly to changing market demands and consumer preferences. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with efficient inventory management, all while delighting your customers with exclusive, high-quality products

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Shorter Lead Times

Experience the advantage of shorter lead times and skip the delays of overseas travel. Our local production ensures your orders are fulfilled swiftly, saving you time and avoiding costly importing fees. Stay efficient and responsive with our streamlined approach

Quality Control.png

Quality Control

  Behind every product is a commitment to quality without compromise. Our dedicated team meticulously evaluates each item, guaranteeing that only the best makes it to you. Trust in our thorough quality control process for products that exceed expectations.

Outperforming the competition
one stitch at a time

Client Reviews

Jonny T. 

Such a great company to work with. They worked with me to make my design a reality and perfect to where i saw it coming in full. Can’t wait to order my next batch of bags with them.
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Quality Products start with premium materials

Here are a few of our Suppliers

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The harvest is plentiful,
the laborers are few.

You've sown the seed of your dream, it's time to reap the harvest, and we want to help. Our team of skilled sewists will bring your idea into reality. We take care of the manufacturing, you take care of building your brand. 

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